Do Technology Rules Apply on Vacation?

Does your family have rules about tech time?  How much?  How often?  Where can it be used?  I’d venture to guess that your family has some sort of rule structure for technology use in your home. 

Now my next question is, do those rules apply on vacation?

As an adult, when I think about time away, I typically picture a beach, my kids playing in the sand and a book in my hand.  But let’s be real, family vacations rarely look that picturesque!  Relaxing, destressing, and forgetting about my To Do list are usually my priorities when I’m on vacation!  And I can’t be the only one!  But that can be hard to do when you have three kids.  Sitting at the beach comes with the stress of making sure they aren’t out too far, they don’t drown, they don’t walk away, etc. etc!  When we head back to the room, is usually when I find the most rest!  

That becomes the time when I’m not as worried about their safety. I can read or take a nap.  And to ensure I get that down time, that’s when the kids get to watch a show or have their devices.  It’s usually an hour of rest for all of us, out of the heat and time to just be still and quiet.  

An hour may seem like a lot to you.  Or maybe, it seems like not enough!  My point is that there are no hard and fast rules!  God picked you to be a leader in your family because He feels like you (and your spouse) are the best people to make the decisions for your kids.  You make the rules!  You get to decide what they need and when. 

Be intentional with your time when you're together and if that means a little extra screen time, so be it! 

Remember, you’re making memories, not rewriting the rules on parenting.

If you’re looking for ways to find a little more balance when it comes to the rules around screen time, download our Top 10 Ways to Create More Balance with Screen Time this Summer.

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