Loving Imperfections

What if we loved our spouse and all their imperfections 100%? What if we could simply stop getting frustrated and annoyed with them, and start accepting the things that make us crazy?! 

When I tell my husband "You're driving me crazy," he responds "Crazy in love!" 🤣🙄

Philippians 2:14 says, "Do everything without grumbling or disputing." Man! If you are anything like me, and have OCD tendencies with a layer of perfectionism on top, then you like things to be a certain way. And when God gives you a husband who has a bit of ADD... well, that's a good time friends! Haha! 

But instead of looking at that match-up as a disaster, suppose it is actually a gift. I mean, opposites do attract! What if I actually realize that what I think are imperfections in him are actually the very things that compliment where I am lacking?

Like the fact that he has the gift of play. He can get lost in downtime and just have fun, whereas my to-do list holds me back. Like the Mary and Martha story in Luke 10:38-42. Martha wouldn't stop to spend time with Jesus until the work was done. But Mary enjoyed the here and now moments with Jesus.

Couple agape love

I know that Christmas is around the corner, and while it might look different, we might stay busy trying to make it as normal as possible. If you find yourself getting frustrated with your loved ones, pause, remember Philippians 2:14 and thank God for their imperfections. Because not only did He make them that way, but the good news is, it's not your job to fix them. We just have the honor of loving them.

What's one imperfection of your spouse that is actually a compliment for you?

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  • My husband is a walking jukebox! He sings alllll the time! He sings most sentences and always makes up songs about what we’re doing! He’s replaces the lyrics of some of my favorite songs with words “he hears” instead!
    This can be so frustrating sometimes, but the truth is that he brings something that I do not to the table. He brings music and silliness! He inspires our kids to be creative and make their own stories and songs! They love music and get to play around with words and instruments. That’s not something that’s a gift of mine! I can now remind myself that this is a compliment.

    Sarah LaMay

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