Raising Daughters

“I am a daughter of the RISEN King, who is not moved by the world.” - unknown 

This phrase is on a plaque in my daughter's room, right above her bed. I ask her often, “do you remember what that says?” (She can’t read yet.)


Daughter of the Risen King


To which she replies with incredible confidence, in the sweetest voice, "YEP! I AM THE DAUGHTER OF THE RISEN KING, WHO IS NOT MOVED BY THIS WORLD.” 

I pray that she holds this dear to her heart ALWAYS! Because little does she know how much the world will try to shake her and remove her from God’s love for her. 

I want her to know that she does not have to rely on herself alone, that there is someone stronger who has risen above it all. That she can cling to that statement, that very spirit--the Holy Spirit--is inside of her, and that’s where she pulls strength from. 



Women of the world today are so strong, and yet on the verge of self-destruction because we are looking inward, not upward. It is getting painful and exhausting. We are taking on roles that were never intended for us. I don’t think it is what God intended for us, and I for one don’t want to question Him. 

So what do we do, because it CAN be frustrating. We DO have drive and desires, goals and dreams. I don’t want you to read this and feel discouraged. I do, however, want you to be cautious if you are being tempted to pursue selfish desires versus where you are called to be. And I want you to be encouraged to dive deep into what that looks like for you and your family. 

I want us to study God’s design for women and then pour that into our daughters, so that they know their worth and they don’t wrestle with their life roles, or tear their husbands down because they hear the world saying, "pursue happiness" and selfish desires over loving boldly and sacrificially. Let's empower our daughters instead to step into God’s purpose for them, which is more fulfilling than anything we could dream of. 

Proverbs 31 is FILLED with wisdom for us and our daughters. The book itself starts with a command to fear the Lord, then closes with describing a woman who fulfills exactly that. She is hard working, fears the Lord, has respect for her spouse, planning ahead, encouraging, caring for others, she’s wise with money, and has concern for the poor. 

When you do these things as the "daughter of the risen King," don’t you think it leads to success, honor, happiness, and fulfillment?

No one said it will always be easy, but God will not leave us or forsake us. All we have to do is trust Him. So what legacy do you want to leave your daughter? Is it a world view or biblical truth? What traditions are you putting into place to remind her just how strong she is because the Holy Spirit is with her?

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