Smart phones for Christmas!

To get a phone or not to get a phone...that is the question. 

Has your child asked for a phone for Christmas this year? How old is your child? And are you getting him/her one? Are you on the fence? Let me know in the comments; I'm curious!

Phones for Christmas


We wrestled with this for a LONG time as we watched our oldest son's friends get phones...and we waited. He BEGGED...and we waited. 

We assured him that, “We are going to do things a lot different than what other parents and families do,” and that's ok. One day he will understand.

You hear parents say, “I’m not your friend; I'm your parent.”

I want to find a balance somewhere in between for my family. I want my children to come to me and be able to talk, but I also want them to know I will draw the line because I love them.

That line is so hard to draw at Christmas though, when you want to create a fun and joyful Christmas for your children! And the thing they ask for over and over again could be the “big gift” this year, but you feel they’re not ready for it yet. Like getting a puppy. They say they are ready for a puppy, and all the responsibility that comes with it, but you know they are not.

But I want to encourage you today. You don't have to say yes. And I'm sure, deep down inside, you already know what the right answer is for your baby.

Still, wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide of WHEN is the right time? A “how-to” guide, you will.

Get excited, because we have one right HERE, a bonus, "To get a phone, or not to get a phone" inside of our Digital Course "Digital Family Reset".

Digital Family Reset


And the doors are only open for a few more days! 

We invite you to reconnect this Christmas and join us on this journey to spend time with things that love you back. I can't think of a better gift for this year...a year that's been filled with nothing but screens.

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