Sowing Seeds


Do you remember the phrase your Grandma or Grandpa would say, or maybe it was your Mom or Dad..."You reap what you sow." Well, did you know that is from SCRIPTURE? 

Read Matthew 13 to see how Jesus used stories about a farmer sowing seeds to teach such valuable lessons to sow seeds of love, planted in faith. 

At Family Strong, we anchor ourselves in #spendtimewiththingsthatloveyouback and #datemealways. 🙏🏼❤️

Part of "Spend time with things that love you back" is spending time in the Word. God loves you and wants you to spend time with Him, in His Word. If you sow His Word into your heart and into your soul, you will reap incredible gifts. 

He will give you the wisdom you need, the strength you didn't think you had, and the love you've been looking for.  

Part of "Date me Always" is putting our priority in place to love your spouse above yourself, to have sacrificial love toward them. And in a world filled with messages of take care of 'you FIRST' it's hard to live selflessly for another. 


So take a moment today and open your Bible. Read Matthew 13 and ask yourself how you can allow seeds to be planted in your life, and how you can plant seeds in the lives of others...including those right under your roof. 😘

Click the link here for a list of ways you can unplug, reconnect, and have some FUN! 



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