Staycation vs Vacation: Making Memories at Home or Afar

Summertime is here!  The hustle of the school year has gone away, the schedule is more or less out the window and the kids are spending more time playing outside. 

So what are your plans before heading back to school?  Does your family have a big beach trip coming up?  Or maybe a week at Disney?  Or what about a staycation? 

My question to you is, does the destination even matter?

My short answer is, no!  Summer is a chance for some real quality family time, no matter the place! 

The idea behind a “vacation” is being intentional with your time and who you spend your time with. 

Our family planned a staycation for Thanksgiving a few years ago and it is still one of my favorite memories.  We let the kids pick the activities they wanted to do which involved a late night game of laser tag and dinner out as a family.  Which doesn’t happen often! 

Also, the  couch we had ordered 11 months earlier arrived that same week.  We spent so much time as a family of five snuggled on that couch watching shows and movies.  Years later, and my kids still talk about that week.

I’m not knocking a good out-of-town trip!  Exploring a new place and taking in the sites and the food and the culture as a family can be an amazing experience! 

But if your time off or your finances are limited, that doesn’t mean your memories have to be, too!  Look for ways to be creative right where you live. 

Your kids and your spouse will love and appreciate you for the intentional time you give them, more than anything else!  

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