Technology is a GIFT

Do you Agree? Do you agree that Technology is a gift

What's really funny is that as I open this page to write this blog post, an error message pops up and says "error - reload." Ironic, no? 

At Family Strong, I know our message is so loud about being off technology and present in your life, and it is. It always will be. However, we also recognize that technology is a gift too. 

Everything good has to be consumed in moderation. Just like cake. And our mission is to help families think of technology like cake. Too much of a good thing can lead to much greater issues and complications that are not worth all the cake. 

We teach our children (hopefully) about the dangers of too much cake. How it can rot your teeth, spike your blood sugar, turn to excess fat that makes your heart work harder than it should, which leads to even more problems; and we have to handle that heart with care. 

So, is technology a gift, oh yes! And it's not even as delicious as Grandma June's birthday cake she makes for you every.single.year.

 Computer and Cake

Technology has actually helped families build business, provide, learn, and connect with family afar. So yes, we believe technology is a gift. 

Follow along and let us help balance the use of that gift, be an example for your children, and leave a legacy of not giving screens power of your time, but using technology for good! 

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